Salla Summer High School has already organised 8 unbelievable summers for young people and for adults as well! People from Finland, Spain, Namibia and Russia visit us to study and have a wonderful time together!


 It is typical for Salla Summer High School to have lessons outside. You will see how enjoyable it is to study with beautiful summer nature around you.



 Summer High School offers you absolutely unique experience out in the nature with an international company.


 Salla Summer High School is great not just for your intellectual development but also for your body!

Meeting new people

In Salla you will make a lot of new friends. Every year Salla Summer High School is full with friendly and ambitious people!

Creative company

Summer High School gig was a wonderful experience not just for the participants but for the audience as well.


In trips to Sallatunturi and Little Karhukierros our guys always take magnificent pictures.


Although we haven’t gotten any complaints about that, but tasting new food can eventually become a routine for you with our gastronomical chemistry  🙂